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Senior Front-End Engineer

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Senior Product Engineer, Front-End

We are looking for product-minded front-end engineer for our Content team. Join us to drive development of next-level tools for content creators worldwide

Full-time · Remote · $147-191k

About Buffer

At Buffer, we make social media and brand building software for small businesses, creators, and individuals. Our mission is to provide essential tools to help small businesses get off the ground and grow. Through exceptional customer service and uplifting content, we help our customers believe they can succeed and do good along the way.

We’re a fully distributed team, and we’ve always aimed to do things a little differently at Buffer. Since the early days, we’ve had a focus on building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces by rethinking a lot of traditional practices. We also default to transparency, so you can read all about our metrics, and our successes and failures along the way on our Transparency Dashboard

We hire and work from all over the world. Please note that we do travel to work together in-person once or twice per year, and those events are highly encouraged to build deeper connections among our small team. 

We're united by Buffer's values, and we celebrate our unique differences. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive work environment and are building a culture where underrepresented groups are welcome, and can flourish. 

As you get to know Buffer and consider joining the journey, feel free to read more from Kirsti, who recently documented her first 30 days at Buffer, as well as from Hailley, who captures why she still calls Buffer home after 8 years

About Buffer Engineering

We are a dynamic, lean, and fast moving engineering team focused on the consistent delivery of value to delight our customers. We care about the quality of our product and by working small with a continuous improvement mindset, we aim to leave our code well-tested and better than when we started.

Buffer follows a product-led growth strategy meaning we offer a comprehensive free plan for customers to use and experience our product and then we grow through providing enhanced capabilities on our paid plans. We learn through experimentation and use data to inform our next features or enhancements.

Our engineering architectural decisions and standards are shaped by the engineers that are closest to the problem. Which means that you will, through active participation in one of our working groups (sometimes known as guilds), be a part of defining standards and best practices at Buffer.

We pride ourselves in working with a small team mindset, collaborating closely across areas, and putting our customers at the heart of all decisions. Our product teams are made up of engineers, product managers, and designers who collaborate closely with customer advocates and marketing managers to deliver value to our users.

What you’ll be doing

  • You will lead development of tools for content creation, such as our text editing and post composing experience, our AI assistant tools, and our media editing solutions at Buffer.

  • You will contribute to defining our front-end engineering standards to improve the consistency and quality of our codebases and processes. You will work on our design system (Popcorn), platform, and other tools for engineers at Buffer.

  • You will work closely with product managers, designers and customer advocates to understand the needs of our users and assess the feasibility of various solutions to address these needs.

  • You will provide technical guidance to your peers through mentoring and code reviews.

  • You will join the engineering on-call rotation and support your team in keeping the lights on for the services we own by responding to incidents, fixing bugs, and performing day-to-day maintenance operations.

Our tech stack

  • We use React and TypeScript for our web front-ends

  • We have internal design system called Popcorn that we started developing last year, it is built with Radix primitives, CSS modules, Storybook and our own system of design tokens

  • We are in the process of migrating to GraphQL, we use Apollo Client in our web application

  • We write automated tests with jest, react testing library (for integration tests) and Playwright (for e2e tests)

  • On the back-end, we use NodeJS, TypeScript and MongoDB

  • We are running our services on AWS with Kubernetes. We follow a micro-services architecture and are currently moving our services into a central shared monorepo.

Helpful skills and experience

  • You have experience building feature-rich front-end applications using modern technology. At Buffer, we use JavaScript, TypeScript, React and GraphQL. While you will focus on the front-end development, you are also comfortable working across the stack when needed (NodeJS, TypeScript, MongoDB)

  • You acted as technical lead, owning the discovery, architecture design, delivery planning, and execution of complex projects, collaborating with other engineering teams and cross-functional peers across the organization.

  • You are passionate about writing simple, maintainable and tested code. You take a balanced approach to product engineering, embracing pragmatism over perfection in your work

  • You're product-minded and user-driven and have experience working on consumer products. You seek to understand how customers use Buffer and why decisions are made, you empathise with customer needs and are passionate about creating delightful customer experiences.

  • You have passion and experience in content creation and editing tools and understand unique challenges in performant implementations on the web

  • You have strong communication and collaboration skills required to work in remote (often async) environment, you enjoy sharing knowledge with your teammates

  • We value the depth and quality of your experience, over counting years. That said, successful applicants typically have 7+ years of experience.

Buffer's Perks and Benefits

💰 Competitive salary: Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience. For this role, the range is $147,826 - $191,071 USD.

🏝 Work remotely: Live and work wherever you are the happiest and most productive. See our Team Map!

🗓 4-Day workweeks: Our schedule is four workdays, with a flexible, meeting-free fifth day for overflow tasks or personal time as you see fit.

💪 Health insurance: We offer health insurance for all of our team members, international or US.

💻 Home office setup: Get a laptop + $1000 to set up your home office!

⛺️ Minimum vacation: We ask teammates to take at least 3 weeks per year.

👓 'Growth mindset' fund: Extra money each year for learning and development.

💵 Savings plan: With 3% company match.

📈 Profit sharing: When the company does well, all team members share the profits.

🍼 Family leave: 16 weeks of family leave for all new parents, fully paid.

👪 Family support fund: A stipend for each kiddo. 

📚 Unlimited Free books: Get a free Kindle and all the free books you like - digital, physical, and audio - no questions asked. 

Sabbaticals: Take a 6-week break, fully paid, after every 5 years with Buffer.

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At Buffer, we value diversity of experience, and we understand that comes in many forms. We’re dedicated to adding new perspectives to the team. So, if your experience is close to what we’re looking for, please consider applying.